Fogtown Cover Four years after his debut show (THE LEGEND OF HARRY & DICKLESS TOM: Original Comic Book Art Work – October – November 2006), Emmy award winning animation artist/director Brad Rader returns to Flazh!Alley Art Studio to celebrate the release of his latest book, the 171 page graphic novel, FOGTOWN (DC/Vertigo, August 10, 2010) written by Andersen Gabrych.

Paraphrasing the author, FOGTOWN is a raw, ugly, and explicitly human pulp/noir detective series, set in the ferociously filthy underworld of ’50s San Francisco. It follows the seamy temptations, damnations, and redemptions of Frank Grissel, P.I., an aging, hard-living, and morally ambiguous detective in the Mike Hammer/Sam Spade tradition – who “just happens” to be a pier-trawling, deeply closeted homosexual.

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