Magic: Theros Pre-Release tournament, Sep 21st

Magic The Gathering: Theros Pre-Release tournament. Time: 11:00am Registration Start Time 12:00pm Price: $25 Registration: First Come, First Serve. Format: Sealed Requirements: Fun and competition.  Good sportsmanship and kick ass!

Valiant Effort at The Comic Bug, Sep 18th

A VALIANT EFFORT: HERO INITIATIVE/RALPH’S MEMBERSHIP DRIVE Bring your Ralph’s Club Card to The Comic Bug this Wednesday for a slew of freebies!  (If you don’t already have a Ralph’s Club Card, HURRY and go get one, it’s FREE!)  We have a TRIFECTA of goodies to reward you for appointing THE HERO INITIATIVE as your […]

Amelia Cole signing with DJ Kirkbride on Sep. 4th

Amelia Cole bounces between the worlds of magic and technology, much like her creator D.J. Kirkbride, who will be bouncing from his own magical world to THE COMIC BUG on Wednesday, Sept. 4th! AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD is a fun, all-ages adventure in the spirit of DR. WHO and HARRY POTTER.  Come down […]

Guns A’Blazin’! with Rafael Navarro, Mike Wellman and Richard Starkings

Cowboys, cavewomen, dinosaurs, space orcs and… NACHOS?! Join Eduardo and Kody, two of the most rock n’ roll time travellin’ cowboys you’ll ever meet, on a cross-dimensional space warpin’ adventure! Writer Mike Wellman, artist Rafael Navarro and designer/letterer Richard Starkings will be signing copies of the limited GUNPOWDER EDITION of GUNS A’BLAZIN’! #1, printed on a […]

Deadpool Disco with Scott Koblish, Wed Aug 14th

It’s time to squeeze into that tight polyester leisure suit and jump in the way-back machine for the most SIZZLING celebration of comics in COMIC BUG history! The latest Deadpool story arc is a sordid tale of pimps, tramps and disco divas!  Join writer Gerry Duggan and artist Scott Koblish as they bring back the […]

Elephantmen #50 signing with Richard Starkings, July 24th

ELEPHANTMEN hits issue 50 this month and The Comic Bug is celebrating with a very special event with Elephantmen creator RICHARD STARKINGS and a whole bunch of CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES (inspired by Frank Quitely’s gorgeous cover!) To commemorate the event, we’ll be offering ELEPHANTMEN50 special deals! Not reading ELEPHANTMEN?  You’re missing out!!  For $50.00, you […]

Android: Netrunner Group monthly, Sunday May 26th 10a-7p

“Hi All! Welcome to our new Android: Netrunner Group at The Comic Bug. We plan on meeting twice a month to play Fantasy Flight Games’ new Living Card Game, Android: Netrunner! Come on by Sunday @ 10am to either get a demo game in or meet fellow Android: Netrunners to play against. For up to […]

Free Comic Book Day Is Coming! Saturday, May 4th 2013

The Comic Bug will be giving away thousands of FREE comic books!  We will have artists & writer doing FREE sketches and autographs.  Costumed super-heroes.  Super sales!  And much more! Meet the writers and artist of some of the hottest comics on the shelves today! List of artists at The Comic Bug from 11am-4pm (Individual […]

Aspen Comics Launch Party! May 1st, 5pm

THIS WEDNESDAY! Meet the coolest gang of comic book creating folks in Los Angeles!  Vince Hernandez and the crew of ASPEN COMICS will be here celebrating ten years of awesome comics!

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