spears-black-metal Rising from the pits of Hades, Black Metal is a full-length graphic novel by Rick Spears (Teenagers From Mars, Pirates of Coney Island, Dead West) and Chuck B.B. Black Metal is the story of Sam and Shawn, misunderstood twins with a mysterious lineage and a penchant for the darkest metal. Though daily plagued by the rituals of the normal; school, shopping trips to the mall, and little brothers, the boys endeavor to stay true to the blackness in their souls. When they acquire the new Frost Axe album, their true destiny is revealed: they are the Roth incarnate.

Come by the store for a party with the artist of Black Metal, Chuck BB from 6-9pm. The Comic Bug will have a live ‘metal’ band playing! And we’re not talking about Mike rockin’ on the guitar!

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