Magic: Theros Pre-Release tournament, Sep 21st

Magic The Gathering: Theros Pre-Release tournament. Time: 11:00am Registration Start Time 12:00pm Price: $25 Registration: First Come, First Serve. Format: Sealed Requirements: Fun and competition.  Good sportsmanship and kick ass!

Android: Netrunner Group monthly, Sunday May 26th 10a-7p

“Hi All! Welcome to our new Android: Netrunner Group at The Comic Bug. We plan on meeting twice a month to play Fantasy Flight Games’ new Living Card Game, Android: Netrunner! Come on by Sunday @ 10am to either get a demo game in or meet fellow Android: Netrunners to play against. For up to […]

Magic The Gathering: Return to Ravnica Pre-Release Event, September 30th

The Comic Bug will be holding the next Magic pre-release, Return to Ravnica on September 30th, noon. Announcing Return to Ravnica   Set Name Return to Ravnica Block Set 1 of 3 in the Return to Ravnica block Number of Cards 274 Prerelease Events September 29-30, 2012 Release Date October 5, 2012 Launch Weekend October […]

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