infected-comic-bug The deadline has passed and we have stopped accepting submissions. We are in the process of reviewing all the submissions and will soon announce the results. If there are people who are interested in participating in the production process, please email jun [at]

The announcement was made on 24 Hour Comic Day for the guidelines for our up-coming comic book, Infected!

We will be producing a 64 page anthology featuring stories written & illustrated by our local talent. Writers can submit a 1-page story with theme theme of ‘infection’ and turn it in at the store. Artists can pick up a sample script and illustrate a 1-page sequential art story and turn it in to the store for consideration.

The 7 stories best suited for the comic book will be matched up with 7 artists to illustrate and will be published before March 2007, in time to present at Wizard World Los Angeles.

Artists who want to break into the industry need to have published work and this could be a break at no cost to them. Or perhaps there are potential writer/artists who just have a story to tell and think it would be fun to produce a short story. Whatever the reason, if you have a fun story or have talent as an artist, come pick up the information at The Comic Bug and maybe get published!

We are also taking submissions for pin-ups and comic strips. Come in for more details.

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