The Comic Bug is accepting RSVPs for the event!  The Comic Bug traditionally provides seating, food, fun and creative atmosphere for those attempting to create a 24 page comic!  If you are not interested in creating a 24 page comic, then come in and work on your own project, network or hang out with like minded creators!  Call the Manhattan Beach store or email [email protected] to reserve a spot, there will be a limit of 40 creators!  This year, The Comic Bug will also hosting 24 Hour Game night also for gamers who want to hang out an get their game on!  Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Board Games, Warhammer or any other game!  Call The Game Hub to reserve a table!

24-Hour Comics Day is an annual international celebration of comics creation. On this day, creative folks take on the 24 hour comics challenge: to create a 24 page comic book story, normally months worth of work, in 24 straight hours. Many participants gather at official event sites including comic book stores, schools, and libraries. Others take part in private gatherings, and many work on their own.

Every year since 2004 this event has taken place. The thousands of participants who have created tens of thousands of pages of original art have included the young and the old, people with decades of professional comics creation experience and those who have never tried to draw a panel before, at locations on at least five continents.



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