AngelTownSC100Los Angeles is the birthplace of noir – because of the brighter the sunshine, the deeper the shadows, and the more deadly the mischief that goes on in the dark. Angeltown: The Nate Hollis Investigations reprints the original Vertigo mini-series in glorious black & white – the critically praised sequential mystery featuring the cool, tough private eye’s frenzied search in the shadows for a pro hoopster wanted for murder in “Baller.” Additionally, Gary Phillips (Operator 5), has penned two, original, illustrated prose short stories for this volume: “Hollywood Killer,” wherein superhero pretenders prowling Hollywood Boulevard for tips are getting bumped off, and “King Cow,” about cattle, lowriders, and babes with nazi tattoos.

Join us at our Culver City location to meet critically acclaimed crime author GARY PHILLIPS! He knows where the bodies are buried!

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