Citizens of KRYPTON! We’ve heard your pleas! The Comic Bug will be opening at 11 p.m. on Tuesday for a SUPER event, everything SUPERMAN related will be 20% off as we prepare to vacate the planet for somewhere less “explodey”!

We will watch SUPERMAN IV: The Quest for Peace in the Latverian Lounge, which, thanks to Man of Steel, BvS and Justice League, is now only the FOURTH crappiest Superman movie of all time, but still lots of good cheesy fun! Speaking of CHEESE, we will have Kryptonian Cheese-Balls and crackers to help wash it all down!

Then, at midnight, we can sell you ACTION COMICS #1000, the first ever monthly comic to reach it to issue 1000! Cuz Earth is getting old and so are super-heroes!

We are still having our star-studded Super-Sketch gathering the next day with Rafael Navarro, Scott Koblish and Andrew Robinson providing amazing commission art on blank covers while supplies last on Wednesday. But there is enough SUPER to go around! See you tomorrow night!action

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