Come to The Game Hub for a special meet & greet and how-to-play session for STAR WARS DESTINY hosted by Jedi Master Cheyenne!

Learn the ins and outs of Star Wars Destiny, the most exciting new card/dice game from a galaxy far, far away! And if you already KNOW how to play, just come hang out and meet and play with other Rebels or Imperial Troops from the area!

This Tuesday’s meet-up is FREE and will get you up to speed and ready to enter the following week’s very first STAR WARS DESTINY TOURNAMENT!

If you don’t have any Star Wars Destiny cards yet, we have a special offer for Tuesday night only! Purchase either STARTER DECK and receive $8.00 store credit towards any SW Destiny singles in our showcase to help fill out your deck!

See you next Tuesday at THE GAME HUB!

It is your DESTINY.destiny

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