A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

STAR WARS was a thing of the past! A dusty relic of a movie trilogy until 1991, when Dark Horse Comics brought us DARK EMPIRE!

The fanbase was instantly re-energized! The love of all things Jedi/Sith rekindled! For 23 years, Dark Horse has been producing some of the best STAR WARS tales ever assembled, adding layers of characters and worlds to the lore. This August, it all ends. The EXPANDED UNIVERSE will be no more…

Join us as we celebrate the end of an era with some of the biggest creators who have been breathing life into those stories. BRIAN WOOD, from the latest Star Wars Ongoing series… GABRIEL HARDMAN & CORRINA BECHKO from Star Wars: Legacy… CHRISTIAN GOSSETT, the artist on Tales of the Jedi who conceived the Double-Bladed Lightsaber… BARBARA KESEL, who brought DARK EMPIRE to Dark Horse in the first place! This will be a legendary send-off!

We’ll be joined by members of the REBEL LEGION to bring life to the characters we know and love and provide some amazing photo opportunites, so bring a camera!

In addition to Star Wars creators, GARRY BROWN, artist of Brian Wood’s THE MASSIVE and the new CATWOMAN ARTIST, will be joining us! It’s not just about the past of STAR WARS, it’s about the future of comics with this great post-apocalyptic soak-fest!

So, join us! Help us take this mask off, so we can look at you one… last… time… with our OWN eyes…



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