foster_cover One man, two comics. A signing so momentous we had to split it into two shifts! Most of you know Brian Buccellato as the scribe of the NEW 52 FLASH, but he’s got more tricks than that up his sleeve! This Wednesday, Buccellato will be premiering a LIMITED EDITION of his newest creation FOSTER! Limited to 500 copies, this first peek will be normally priced at $10, but if you snag it up at the signing, Brian’s letting our loyal customers get their paws on it for only $5!

Brian will be at the Comic Bug from 11am to 1pm and 5 to 8pm on Wednesday, January 25th.

Read more about Bucce’s gritty, horrific yet heartwarming tale by clicking right here!

Also RSVP on our Facebook event by clicking here!

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