Mini Comic Book Day on April 9th, Noon to 7pm

minicomics_day_logo_bw April 9th, 2011 is the date for the first annual Mini-Comics Day, celebrating the art of cartooning and creating hand-made comic books.

On Mini-Comics Day, participating cartoonists from around the world will write, draw, and print copies of a mini-comic, completing the entire process from start to finish in a day or less. Anyone in the world can participate.

Mini-comics have been democratizing the art of making comic books since the 70′s or earlier… with the popularization of photocopiers, it became apparent that anyone with an inclination and some spare change could print a little comic book. Wildly varying in both form and content, mini-comics are a wonderful synthesis of cartooning and hand-made art objects.

Guidelines: To participate, create a mini-comic from start to finish on April 9th, 2011 (including writing, drawing and printing it). You can make your mini-comic by yourself or with other artists.

Format: Your mini-comic can be any size, length and format you desire. A standard mini-comics size would be eight 4.25″x5.5″ pages (which can be made from one 8.5×11 sheet of paper printed on both sides).

This will be held at The Comic Bug from Noon to 7pm.  If interested please email to reserve a spot!





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  1. […] The Comic Bug in Hermosa Beach will be hosting space for people to get together and create mini-comics from noon to 7 PM. Email to reserve your spot. Or if you’re not in the area, here is a complete list of participating stores and events. […]