necessary-evil-4 Joshua Williamson and Marcus L. Harris, the creators of Necessary Evil will be at The Comic Bug on February 20th at 10 am to sign copies of their comic Necessary Evil!

Issue 4 just hit stores and we are gonna celebrate the last issue of Necessary Evil’s first story arc! Come on down and get yourself a copy! If you haven’t been able to find issue 1, 2 or 3 yet, there will be copies of those on hand as well!

Necessary Evil is Published by Desperado Publishing.

Where do all the bad guys come from? They come from the school for super villains, Necessary Evil Academy!

Jacob and Miller are the sons of the Matriarch, the world’s greatest super-villainess. The Matriarch is now dead at the hands of a super-hero, and the boys want answers–and revenge. They join Necessary Evil Academy and become entangled in the world of brightly colored costumed criminals and homicidal murderers. As the brothers go to class to learn the tricks of the bad-guy-trade, they begin to unravel the secrets surrounding their mother’s death, finding that her legacy may have destined them to become more than just villains!

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