Warriors of Mars & Emerald City Blues Double Feature signing Feb 1st 11am & 5pm

WARRIORS OF MARS FROM THE PAGES OF WARLORD OF MARS! Before John Carter, another Earthman visited the Red planet: Lt. Gullivar Jones. Now these legendary Warriors are brought together for a new series! EMERALD CITY BLUES A dark re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz that explores our connection to what we create and what happens […]

Illusive Arts’ Dorothy team will sign on February 28th!

Wednesday February 28th- Dorothy Signing at The Comic Bug Wizard of Oz fans, comic book fans, and “Dorothy” fans alike should come on down to The Comic Bug to see Dorothy Chapter 7, the latest installment of the ongoing series “Dorothy“, a modern re-imagining of classic Wizard of Oz tale. With it’s witty writing and […]

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