DSC01697 November 26th Update: We were on FIRE Thanksgiving Weekend!

The busiest shopping days of the year is over and busy is an understatement. Even though our building has been red-tagged since the fire on Wednesday, we were still able to conduct business from our parking lot. Our customers have been extremely supportive, buying up smoke damaged merchandise to help our store. We are now operating out of a couple containers in our parking lot and hope to be moved into a nearby location soon. Thanks to everyone for your support! Updates to follow.

November 25th Update: Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Every Pre-Fire Merchandise!

The damage has been assessed and it is much worse than we thought. All comics and trades exposed have some damage. Bagged, boxed and packaged items are damaged but the interior is fine, however they are not great for collectibility. We are selling everything “Pre-Crisis” at buy 1 get 1 FREE in order to re-stock with clean & new merchandise for when we move to a new location. The building has been red-tagged but we will continue business out in the parking lot in a couple of containers. We don’t need electricity, water or gas! We have spirit and positive attitudes and look forward to a bigger & better store in the next few weeks (we hope). We will keep everyone posted and hope everyone will come down and buy some stuff! Thank you for your support!

DSC01669 Posted November 23rd: The Comic Bug Fire Sale! Literally!

Here’s the deal: We want to sell as much merchandise as possible in order to re-open our store in another location with NEW merchandise! We are offering BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on ALL merchandise except for this weeks new comics. Battle-damaged items will be sold at lower prices or just make an offer. Bear with us until we find a new location which will be soon!

Posted on November 22nd: Fire Bad! The Comic Bug kind of closed on Nov 22

If you tried to get your comics today, you were likely met with a shocking sight. No, it’s not “Mike’s No Pants Wednesday” again (we put a stop to that). We arrived this morning to find that our neighbors’ dry cleaning business had been gutted by fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt and it didn’t spread very far, but it did some damage to everyone’s shops.

If you can hold off for a few days, we are hoping to open our doors as soon as Friday to feed your manic post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping needs. There may be no electricity, it may smell like smoke, there might even be smoldering embers but if you can put up with then so can we.

DSC01706 We will be offering The Comic Bug’s First Annual Fire Sale in place of our sale we had promoted! All battle-damaged merchadise will be deeply discounted and we do have the new books for the week in non-scorched condition! So come on by and we may have smoked turkey to serve!

Check back here for updates and information as we get it.

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