My-Bean-Jar-logo Hey Comic Buggers, join us this this Wednesday from 4 to 7pm for a very special event with some great comic creators!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Joe Rubinstein, David Wohl, and Scotts Koblish and Lobdell are just a few of the hot names in the world of comics that will be appearing at the Comic Bug this Wednesday to promote the trial launch of a new iPhone app co-founded by comic industry favorite, Terry Kavanagh. The MyBeanJar app, which the founders like to call “Games with Benefits,” allows players of casual games to receive free stuff—cupcakes, pizza, lattes, and more—at certain levels of achievement in each game.

Co-founder, David Chodosh, explains their goals, “MyBeanJar makes the game experience more exciting by delivering a desirable reward at a winning moment. Players consider real-world offers, especially for items that they’ve personally chosen, to be an improvement over points and virtual gifts.”
Terry Kavanagh adds, “We expect this to be a literal game changer because it connects players with their favorite products in a way that is organic to the gameplay, fun, and addictive.”

The event Wednesday will feature some of the hottest comic book writers and artists signing their books, and talking about their work. There will also be some giveaways and special incentives for joining the MyBeanJar trial.

The limited live trial sets the stage for MyBeanJar to launch nationally next year, bringing consumers’ exactly what they want—more free burgers, apparel, e-books, etc. As of midnight tomorrow, Apple users in the South Bay (El Segundo, Beach Cities- Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo, and Torrance) are encouraged to download the MyBeanJar app, and the two “Bean-enabled” games—Theseus and Whomp-a-Weasel for free from the iTunes Stores between December 14 and December 21. Several other local merchants including Ameci’s Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Bobaloca, and Gigi’s Shoes are participating with exclusive offers—free, twofer, or sizable discounts—redeemable at their stores and restaurants from the MyBeanJar app on their iPhones.

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