elephantmentvol3 Meet Richard Starkings, creator/writer of the acclaimed series, Elephantmen and the man behind the designs/lettering of mainstream comic books, COMICRAFT. 

ELEPHANTMEN Vol. #3 Hardcover: Dangerous Liaisons

The Elephantmen were soldiers — weapons of mass destruction — but now they must live out their lives amongst us. Even so, as three of their number, Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and Obadiah Horn go about their business in Los Angeles, 2259, a MAPPO sleeper cell has plans of their own for them.

Collects Elephantmen #16-23

Published: April 2010
Story: Richard Starkings
Artwork: Moritat, Chris Burnham, Marian Churchland, Boo Cook, Rob Steen and André Szymanowicz
Cover: Boo Cook
312pp full color with cover by Boo Cook for $34.99

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