Guns A’Blazin’! with Rafael Navarro, Mike Wellman and Richard Starkings

Cowboys, cavewomen, dinosaurs, space orcs and… NACHOS?! Join Eduardo and Kody, two of the most rock n’ roll time travellin’ cowboys you’ll ever meet, on a cross-dimensional space warpin’ adventure! Writer Mike Wellman, artist Rafael Navarro and designer/letterer Richard Starkings will be signing copies of the limited GUNPOWDER EDITION of GUNS A’BLAZIN’! #1, printed on a […]

Elephantmen #50 signing with Richard Starkings, July 24th

ELEPHANTMEN hits issue 50 this month and The Comic Bug is celebrating with a very special event with Elephantmen creator RICHARD STARKINGS and a whole bunch of CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES (inspired by Frank Quitely’s gorgeous cover!) To commemorate the event, we’ll be offering ELEPHANTMEN50 special deals! Not reading ELEPHANTMEN?  You’re missing out!!  For $50.00, you […]

Premiere of Richard Starkings’ Elephantmen Vol 3, May 5th

Meet Richard Starkings, creator/writer of the acclaimed series, Elephantmen and the man behind the designs/lettering of mainstream comic books, COMICRAFT.  ELEPHANTMEN Vol. #3 Hardcover: Dangerous Liaisons The Elephantmen were soldiers — weapons of mass destruction — but now they must live out their lives amongst us. Even so, as three of their number, Hip Flask, […]

Stand & Fight Pictionary w/ Tone Rodriguez, Richard Starkings, Chris Moreno, Tony Fleecs and Eric Basaldua

Last December, a Pictionary tournament was auctioned off  to support the Pasadena Child Development Associates for children with developmental disabilities.  This Wednesday night, the moment of truth arrives!   Participants include Tone (Mayhem) Rodriguez, Chris (Toy Story) Moreno, Tony (Johnny Wadd) Fleecs, Eric (Top Cow artist) Basaldua and Richard (Elephantmen) Starkings.  The artists will be […]

Richard Starkings of Comicraft

Wednesday, June 10th 11:30-1pm, 5-9pm ELEPHANTMEN creator Richard Starkings will be swinging by THE COMIC BUG this Wednesday to infect you with the new ELEPHANTMEN hardcover, FATAL DISEASES — 312 meaty pages for $34.99! Also on hand, a small number of ADVANCE copies of the forthcoming ELEPHANTMEN trade paperback collection, DAMAGED GOODS, featuring the art […]

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