Battlestar Galactica signing with Mike Wellman & Richard Hatch

Battlestar Galactica: Echoes of New Caprica…  Comics on Comics…  Japanese Maid Cafe for charity…  Hop on-board the Battlestar Galactica for one final flight with star Richard (Apollo, Tom Zarek) Hatch, Anthony (PopGun) Wu, and Mike (The Chief) Wellman! Picking up the pieces and filling in the blanks left by what critics call “the best show […]

Tokyopop’s Star Trek Manga signing on October 6th at 7pm

The Comic Bug thanks Tokyopop and the creators for their store appearance on October 6th. This was the first official event at the new location and it was great! Considering it was a Saturday night, we had over 50 people show up and it was a fun atmosphere. Beverages and snack were served and guests […]

Battle of the Bands signing with Steve Buccellato on August 29th

New TOKYOPOP Manga signing with Battle of the Bands creator Steve Buccellato and Grand Theft Galaxy’s Tricia Riley Hale on August 29th Steve Buccellato is an artist best known for his award-winning coloring work that has appeared in nearly all of the most popular American comics (too many to name!). He is also a busy […]

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