dark-phoenix-rising-beautiful-31000 The Comic Bug celebrated it’s Grand Re-Opening on thanksgiving weekend by hosting local artists, bands, stand-up comedian and also money saving discounts!

We would like to thanks “30 Days of Night’s” Dan Wickline, “The Simpsons” Phil Ortiz, Emmy Award Winning animator Rafael Navarro, “Clockwork Girl”s Sean O’Reilly and “KISS”s Tone Rodriguez for donating their time and artistry.

Stand-up comedian Robb Fulcher let out a barrage of jokes with great laughter, even from Mike who was often the target of the jokes.

Great performance from Vaudeville (www.myspace.com/vaudevillepop), The Sweet Hurt (www.myspace.com/thesweethurt) and the world-famous, awe-inspiring KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH!!! (www.kidsofwidneyhigh.com)

The Comic Book Artist Guild donated their time and raised money for wildfire relief. During the event, CAG West Coast Chairman Philip Clark sang and played the keyboard and saxaphone.

The Comic Bug screened the documentary “Independents” (www.independentsdoc.com) The film is an investigation into the creative spirit and interviews over 25 of the comic book industries’ unhindered spirits. Independent comic book legends Batton Lash (http://www.exhibitapress.com/) and Wendy and Richard Pini (www.elfquest.com) were present and participated in a Q&A with director Chris Brandt.

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